Ensure your stay in Riccione

Holidays in Riccione ... Guaranteed!

Book HOTEL ABC Riccione for summer holidays in February or March is really smart! A portion of the discount you get for the Early booking you can use to make sure the holiday.

Sometimes what stops us is not the final confirmation of leave from the company, or a sudden emergency that impels us to change destination and then exposes us to the risk of losing the deposit ....

Hotel ABC Riccione, whose customs mainly consists of families thought to this aspect, and through an agreement with Allianz Global Assistance allows you to book in advance, then save, and invest a fraction of the savings in insurance tailored to your booking , then on your holiday in Riccione!

Click the banner below and you will find the opportunity to calculate the cost to ensure your stay and your reservation, and wanting to expand coverage for the duration of your vacation (24h assistance, medical expenses)



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